Out scouting

Out scouting

Sometimes it’s okay to keep it simple, go out with minimal gear and just look around.

This weekend I spent some time in Melbourne doing just that and these are some of the images. I’m happy with the two images of the posts in terms of composition.  I want to go back and see what they are like when it is not overcast. The late afternoon light will also change the way these look in terms of colour temperature. The stonework and ironwork door details were just a starting point. I want to go back when the sun is higher so that is just grazes the stonework and brings out the texture.

I tend to try and work quickly, unless there is something worth more effort it is best to keep moving. The images I make on these occasions act as a notebook to jog my memory. They prompt me so that next time I’m in that location I may be able to improve on what I saw with a different lens or time of day.  My phone does a pretty good job of note-taking. I can throw together camera images, location details and other notes fairly easily.


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