Less is more

Less is more

I mentioned recently that I my new camera has set off a string of other changes. Since writing that I found another one. The capacity on my SD cards is effectively halved but I’m not sure if this is good or bad.

I think it’s bad because there is now a real possibility of running out of space and missing out on making something special. I don’t spray and pray but I do like to approach a subject from several different angles and explore composition and lighting combinations.

At the same time, this limitation is not a new experience for me. I used medium format cameras and you only got 12 images on a roll of film. This made you more selective. I think that’s good.

SD cards are cheap compared to film and processing so I will buy some more cards.Using a larger capacity cards introduces a risk of losing more images if the card fails, so I’m thinking about sticking to the same capacity. This way I still have to work with less but have space in reserve.

These images are from a yesterday morning on the Campaspe River trail at Kyneton. The sky was overcast and the soft lighting lent itself to macro and detailed subjects.

DSC_0017 DSC_0008