Project update for July 2014

Project update for July 2014

I had a small win in Gisborne today…


The image is not great but it is what I did to get it that pleased me.

I asked.

This is something I have been building to and working on for months. Being able to approach strangers and ask was something I used to take for granted. I have a way to go but this is a step forward.

It felt good.

It also felt cold. When I set out this morning it was -3 (26 degrees fahrenheit). There was a clear sky and a heavy frost on everything. Here is a selection of unedited images. The hands were something I had photographed before but the frost and rising sun added something special.

There is not much to say about the project themes. While I didn’t really make anything that matched a theme. I sill had some good images so it was not a total loss. The new themes are up and the clock is reset so let’s see what happens.