About the Mojo

About the Mojo

The last few weeks I hit a bit of a slump and I realised it came down to a number of external factors and that I had to deal with so I could progress.

It’s common for anyone that makes or creates to get stuck occasionally.  Even famous photographer/international man of mystery Austin Powers…

For me it begins when that little voice starts up…

“You went there last time and you will end up with the same images if you go again”

“The light is rubbish”

“It’s raining and cold”

What we choose to do about it is key. The thing to do is to listen to that little voice but keep doing.

  1. Don’t make the same images, make better ones or use the same subject but use a different lens or time of day.
  2. If the light is rubbish BYO light. My definition of “available light” is any light, not just daylight. Use whatever you can to record what you see. I spoke about this in a previous post called faking it.
  3. Force yourself into uncomfortable situations. I made these yesterday on a two-hour walk in 2 degrees celsius  (that’s 35 degrees for those into Fahrenheit)

There is a mix of bold colour, muted colour, black and white, Lenses from 10 – 350mm, fixed and zoom lenses, natural and manmade subjects, large and small apertures, varied perspectives looking up, looking down and not just straight ahead.

All those options can be recombined to produce new and interesting images of the same subject. Some of the macro images are done with a telephoto zoom lens. The building could be photographed using a macro lens. The only image this approach could not apply to is the Kookaburra, unless you could get physically closer.

With point number three, I have mentioned photographing people is a problem I wanted to use this project to address. I had to overcome some anxiety and fear of rejection but now I am making progress. The block is not quite broken but I’m working through it.