Try, fail, rinse, repeat – Project results for June 2014

I had high hopes for this month. As often happens, expectations are not always matched with the necessary actions. That said I have got a lot of things done. I cleaned up and sorted through my images and workflow. I got a lot of backlog down to more manageable levels. I read, listened, watched and learned things.

The problem is doing that cost time that I could have spent making images.

I still have a lot of decluttering to do. I think that it’s important to reduce drag and less clutter equals less drag, so that work will continue. I was really wanting to work on the June themes so I decided to keep them for July or until I’m satisfied and can move on to a new set of themes. The challenge will be to balance my time between this along with work, study and family.

So the countdown clock is reset. Hopefully the July update will be an improvement on this one.