Last leaves

Last leaves

A downside of returning to study is that household tasks remain on the back-burner until something breaks or becomes a health hazard. The grass* in the back yard had been left unattended for several months through a combination of bad weather when I had time to cut it and bad timing when the weather was okay. The good news was that it had not reached knee height.

While I was cutting the grass I noticed there were a few Autumn leaves that had some brilliant colour and since the afternoon light was good after I finished I got the camera out.

I was using backlighting to show the structure of the leaves when I noticed the pair of leaves that I used for the feature image. It looks like they are holding hands. You could read a lot of symbolism into it if you wanted to.


*It was grass once. I hand sowed the yard 20 years ago, carefully watering and feeding until it was a thing of beauty, then we did some work on the house that basically turned it into the uneven, patchy weed assortment I have to deal with today.