Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

It’s good to have time to declutter and remove distractions. As I mention in my last post, I was running out of space on my computer.

I went through my photos folder with a more critical eye, removing close to three thousand image files and doubling the free space on my drive. At the same time I was listing to a backlog of podcasts that were also taking up space.

I had quite a few “Why did I make that photograph?” moments before pressing delete but an interesting observation was that these happened less often over time, which was very pleasing. More often, I was choosing to keep one of three views of a subject

As I was listening, I noted some photography sites to look at later and here they are;

David Burnett has been around a long time and his portfolio is an education in photojournalism.

It would be easy to say that Nigel Parry has an advantage over other portrait photographers because of the people sitting for him are celebrities. If you did not know who they were, these images would stand on their own. My favourite is Richard Harris with a cigarette in his mouth.

My first thought when I looked at the commercial and editorial work of Stacy Pearsall was that it this was corporate photography with the difference being the guns and uniforms. What interested me most were the portraits of veteran soldiers done as a personal project. Like Parry, the quality of the work speaks for itself without knowing who the subjects are.


Listening to the Depth of Field podcast with Matt Brandon