Project results for May 2014

The sun is just coming up on the last day of Autumn. Looking back over the last month, May has worked out well for me.

My collection of images on 500px grew and the responses have been really good with almost all of the images submitted being voted to the popular category.

The trip away was brief and pretty busy but the change of scene was refreshing. Not so good for the project though. I will claim two themes, the abacus (just barely) and the question mark, which I interpret as a wildcard.

What does next month bring?



2 thoughts on “Project results for May 2014

  1. I grew up on the Murray River and those bridges are common along it, it really brings back memories, I must get up there and take some photos of them.

    • Hi Leanne,

      It is worth the drive. The duplication roadworks have made it a very fast and easy trip but I would recommend an overnight stay or longer.

      I spent a lot of my early life in the Riverina district and I found that some things had changed, some had stayed the same. The sense of community is still there but the older houses and buildings are disappearing, to be replaced by more modern construction or simply left falling apart and abandoned.

      The night sky is really something though. So clear and full of stars you simply don’t see closer to Melbourne these days.

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