Looking and listening this week

I can smell the end of first semester from here… A break is coming and I am looking forward to it.

One of the things I will be doing is reducing my unread pile. It’s an eclectic mix of non fiction with history, biography, technical and of course there are also some books on photography.

There are 3 books at the top of that pile right now that  I hope to get through in the next few weeks; I have thrown some videos links in to give an idea of the writer and content.

Predictably irrational by Dan Ariely.

Why people fail by Siimon Reynolds (There are meant to be 2 i’s, honest!

Reframe by Eric Knight

They are on top because I think reading them will improve my photography, even though they were not written for photographers and contain little if any advice on making an image.

It comes back to my reasons for starting this project. I wanted to overcome some barriers that were blocking me from enjoying photography, most of which were based on my mindset. I’m interested in how I think and how others think too, especially if they are potential subjects for portraits.

Understanding what is going on when I get stuck creatively or feel reluctant to approach or direct someone and knowing what to do about it is important. Having technical competency with a camera, knowing how to compose and so on is great but then there are the skills that are more intangible, like establishing good rapport with people or being approachable.

I was like that once, it was something I once took for granted, then lost and now have to rebuild. Each of these books has the potential to take me a step closer to where I want to be.