Looking and listening this week

I don’t know if this is universal but I get to a certain point each semester around week 10 when I realise I am near the end of it. This is good and bad, depending on what work is due. This semester, I seem to be on track to finish without too much stress but remind me of that in four weeks…

On to things that stole my gaze this past week

Following on from my recent post on war photography, Sean Houlihan was a serving soldier when these images of Afghanistan were made and there is a sensitivity here that contrasts with the subject matter.

To balance out that seriousness Francois Dourlen places a single frame from a movie on his phone against a background to produce witty and insightful combinations.

In a similar vein Julien Mauve makes portraits of adults with toys in a series titled “Back to childhood”

For listening I continue the trend of posting style/genre mash-ups but this time not so quirky. Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones