Orb – weaver Spider and prey

Don’t keep reading this if you don’t like looking at spiders…


The Orb-weaver is nocturnal and I saw this one setting up in the early evening. I came back before dawn the next day, not expecting much as it had been raining. It was still there with a slightly less impressive web but it had caught a meal and was starting to pack up. As spiders go they are not the most attractive but they do remove their web at the end of each night and hide during the day, so they score points for tidiness. Orb-weavers also don’t get as spooked about being approached or having a torch shone on them, unlike some of the daytime cousins. I was able to work comfortably from a metre away.

Here is a small selection from the session. They tend to use the same places so I will hoping to revisit this.

Now I can tick off the insect theme for this month.