The tree lined lane

The tree lined lane

I did not get to do anything this week with a camera, so I decided to play with this image I made last week at Gisborne, to see how it looked in black and white.

The light was flat with a lot of low-level cloud and light rain but that did not reduce the contrast difference between the shaded and lit areas.


The original plan was to use bracketed exposure to retain some detail in the highlights, the only problem was subject movement between the exposures. It is hard to pick this up until you start combining images in Photomatix to create the final HDR tonemapped image. It does have a certain dreamlike quality though…


Plan B was to use the RAW file for this image and see what I could do in Lightroom.


I am still playing with different renditions, mostly lighter greens and darker orange and yellow settings. I think it really needs a person in it though just next to the fourth tree on the right.