The journey to a perfect flame.

The journey to a perfect flame.

I have been participating in Melbourne Unearthed since it kicked off 3 months ago. It was started by Melbourne photographer Paul Pavlinovich on Google plus and it basically has a group of photographers working on a monthly theme that is also connected to Melbourne, then uploading their images and discussing their ideas about approaches and techniques. It’s sort of like a photographic scavenger hunt.

This month the theme is flame and I come up with several ideas to do this. The first was fairly literal, to photograph a flame. I was in the mood to do a quick set up macro shot of a match head and put a single hard side light on it to get some texture.


The next step was to light the match. Sounds pretty easy until you realise that lighting a match while looking at it through a viewfinder is really tricky.   Since I don’t own a laser, I had to rope in an assistant to light the match and after repeated attempts I got a range of images. The time window between lighting the match and getting a flame that looked okay before the head of the match burnt out was about 15 seconds. All up I spent about 30 minutes on this.

I wound up with some reasonable images but soon realised they are missing a vital element which is Melbourne, so none will go up for consideration. Just as well I had some other ideas and I will share them with you before the month runs out.

In case you are wondering where this week’s looking and listening post is, I had a paper due that left me no time for reading.