The post when I created a monster!

The post when I created a monster!

In my ongoing quest for ways to get closer, I went back to basics and bought a reversing ring so I could pair up two lenses via the filter threads. I dubbed the result “Frankenlens” and set about seeing what it could do.


I don’t believe in talking about gear for it’s own sake, so I won’t go into details. I see equipment as an enabler for achieving vision and in this instance my vision was to discover new things by getting as close as I could to everyday objects. Cue the adjustable wrench that I never seem to put away…

Previously, I got this close just with a macro lens.

The Frankenlens makes a lot of difference.

There are trade-offs. The effective working distance is a finger width and focus becomes very critical due to limited depth of field. Mechanically, there are issues too. Ideally, you want to use a fully manual lens on front and it has to have the aperture wide open. There is also a weight gain from having so much glass attached to the camera. I was able to make these images without a tripod but only because I used flash. You can  get similar outcomes with extension rings or bellows but a reversing ring is a cheap and simple way to get good macro results.