Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

A dilemma this week, brought on by the need to buy a present for someone I don’t know well enough. I knew he was into photography but that work and family had drained his enthusiasm. So I thought a well chosen book could inspire and motivate a return to the medium.

With this in mind I scoured the bookshops. Initially I thought of getting Untold Story the larger companion to the Steve McCurry book I mentioned in a previous post but I also saw a book by Michael Freeman that I had placed on my wish list some time back called The Photographers Eye. This is a boxed set that includes the a graphic guide and I thought it would also make a great gift.

I walked out of the store with both books, unable to decide. Eventually I kept the Freeman and he got the McCurry. Now Untold Story is on my wish list and my unread pile got a little higher…

Other things I have seen recently;

Industrial images from Christian Pearson. Love the scale of people in these images.

Portraiture from Guillaume Kayacan.

Listening to…  Christmas Muzak. It drowns out everything else this time of year!