Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Alternative title – the post exam melt down…

So I finally sat the exam on Monday and now wait for the results. I can’t say I felt that well prepared. I could not recall things I had just read earlier that day. Nevertheless it is done and we shall see what happens.

I followed that up with a two-day training workshop that finished this afternoon, so my brain is screaming “NO MORE!!!”

It is in this state of mind that I present you with bit and pieces I bookmarked over the week that I now have time to revisit.

Underwater photography by Ilse Moore

Theatrical images by Kirsty Mitchell

Portraits by Steve Prezant

I  also like the breadth of work in the portfolio of photographer Bhaskar Dutta

Listening to…  This week in Tech podcast and catching up on by backlog of podcasts