The old Windmill bridge Kyneton

The old Windmill bridge Kyneton

I have to start by thanking Leanne Cole for her post about this location. I like old bridges and a number of them are still standing long after their working life has ended. They often stand over to one side of the bigger impersonal concrete replacements that made them redundant. The old bridge is just off the Kyneton Metcalfe road heading to Malmsbury about a ten minute drive from Kyneton (Directions from Melbourne). I managed to get to this one yesterday afternoon and made some images.

The old timber and stone bridge is slowly being reclaimed by nature and as tempting as it would be I don’t recommend walking on it to get a better angle.  My only other advice is to be mindful of snakes in the warmer months as this would be an ideal place for them. You could find something to photograph at the bridge at most times of the day or year and in most weather conditions as Leanne’s images demonstrate. I would like to try later in the afternoon to get some deeper shadows and mood. I only worked from the western side of the bridge but I intend to return and look at the east side next month. Hopefully I will have more time on the next visit.

On the way there we passed through an industrial area on the outskirts of town and I saw a  line of chairs beside the road.  I would have liked to spend some more time with these but we were on a mission and a time limit, so hopefully they are there the next time we are in the area. There is also a site full of old abandoned portable classrooms nearby that I would really like to get permission from the owners to explore one day.

I also got to tick of one of the themes for this month thanks to the sheep in the paddock opposite the bridge. I actually did plan to attend the royal Melbourne show or one of the smaller country shows to get an image but the timing has not been in my favour. It’s not the greatest awe-inspiring shot but it’s been a while since I actually produced an image based on the monthly draw of themes and I was feeling a little guilty…


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  1. I spent a chunk of my early working life in one of those portable classrooms for I’m looking forward to [am I really?] renewing my acquaintance.

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