Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Since my accident on Monday, I have not had a lot of energy to spare but I continued looking at portrait photographers.

I did get another opportunity to visit City Library this week and spent a good hour with the book Cecil Beaton: Portraits. If you have never heard of him, this link will give you a sense of the body of work he created. There is a particular image of writer Aldous Huxley that I was quite drawn to.  I think I can do an homage.

In my own book collection I rediscovered David Bailey: Masterclass. Bailey cites Beaton as an influence and there are some minor similarities in composition, lighting and the use of black and white. I appreciate the way Beaton used his theatrical set design skills  and paid particular attention to selecting or creating interesting backgrounds. In contrast Bailey’s backgrounds are devoid of detail, directing attention to the subject. I like both approaches. Sometimes you want more than the subject present in the frame to add context, sometimes less.

Listening to a podcast I found recently called on taking pictures while I watch birds from my upstairs window just on twilight. It has been a hard week.