Project results for August

Project results for August

I took a walk around the neighbourhood today to see what was about. Walking gives me an opportunity to think and think I did.

I looked back at the how things have changed since I made the first post for the diced imagery project at the start of this year. Fifty posts later, my camera spends more time out of the bag. The interest I wanted to rekindle is there and I feel my free time is being spent more productively. I kept going through winter and made progress with skills. The folio of work on 500px continues to grow.

What I also considered was the need to stick to the brief as I only made one image based on last months themes. While I am making more images, I set the rules up to force me to into subject areas I had been avoiding and to get me out of a rut. I’m not convinced that has worked, particularly in regards to photographing people.

It seems I need an icebreaker, something to overcome this reluctance and I think that needs to be a deliberate and separate activity.

The themes for September present some fresh challenges. It’s the right time of year for flowers but I want to see if I can do something with that eye or the sleeper.