An unexpected and unwelcome update

An unexpected and unwelcome update

That’s the back of my scooter and those dangly bits are what’s left of my brake light and indicators. I pulled up at a roundabout and the car behind me failed to stop and knocked me over. I was just a few minutes from home last night.

Right now I’m very, very sore but very happy to be typing this. Any accident you can walk away from is good. Avoiding the emergency ward is welcome.


I’m also wondering what lessons are to be gained. This is not the first time I have been in an accident and you tend to pull apart these situations to see what you could have done differently. At this point I come up empty and dwelling on it is probably not the best use of my time. Neither is being angry.

My focus is on resilience, to keep going. In spite of the damage I got back on and rode the rest of the way home, albeit at a sedate pace. Perhaps that is the lesson, to keep going in spite of setbacks and look for gaps between the obstacles life puts in my way. I also shouldn’t put things off as this could have turned out much worse.

At a more practical level, I may rethink how I transport camera gear when riding. Normally I have it all in a backpack and while that is well padded I doubt it would have kept things intact. I’m doubtful that there is a practical solution so I probably need to look at my insurance cover so I can replace things if they are damaged.