Project results for July

I would summarise July as another month of just mucking around and playing with settings and techniques.

I didn’t make any images based on last months themes but I revisited some previous subjects and reacquainted myself with the lighting techniques I had not used in years. I put up a couple of the wrench images on 500px. So I am still fulfilling the goal of making more but failing on the details.

Another thing I am acutely aware of is the total absence of people in my images at present. I have no problem photographing friends or family but I used to have a lot more confidence in approaching strangers. At some point I need to work out how to get that back. I’m thinking I might start with Cosplayers, as they are pretty easy to work with.

Except maybe this guy…


There are a few themes about people rolled for this month. Let’s see what I can do with them.