Same subject different light

Since seeing the Monet exhibition yesterday, I have been thinking about how Claude Monet revisited and reworked subjects in an environment he created.

I think the spanner is taking on that role for me as it keep cropping up in posts and in my photo library. I found it by the window this morning and noticed the difference the large diffused light made, so I made some more images of it including this one.


Compare it to one of the images using the two light set up from last week.


See the difference? Softer shadows and fewer highlight blowouts. There is also more detail in the shadows. The lighting direction and distance make a difference. In this case, the light was above and only 10 to 20 centimetres away. Being able to adjust the light direction and distance will produce harder shadows but not as pronounced as the images I made last week because the light source was much larger.

I also made some bracketed exposures that were blended and adjusted in Photomatix and Lightroom to arrive at this monochrome version.


At some point I shall put the spanner back in the shed or use it for it’s intended purpose. If you are getting tired of seeing it let me know!