Culture crawl in Melbourne


It’s a late post after a long day and a lot of walking

Periodically I get to spend time taking in new things, Today it was Hollywood costumes and Monet. Since photography is frowned upon at these exhibitions, I left the DSLR at home but managed a couple of images with the iPhone.


I would have enjoyed photographing the intricate details of the embroidery and the textures of the garments. Perhaps that’s a future theme to explore with clothing that is less valuable and fragile.

With Monet, this was not what I expected at all. Seeing the progression of the artist, the reworking and development of themes and the changes of colour palette brush strokes was inspiring. The immersive experience presented at the end of the exhibit was breathtaking. It made me think about the way Monet shaped the environment he then used to create his art. There was also a photograph taken of the artist in his studio that reminded me how far the technology we take for granted has actually come.

So, a pretty big day mentally and physically. I think I will be taking it easy tomorrow.