What to do when you are stuck indoors

If you haven’t worked it out already I like macro photography, mainly because the subject matter is everywhere and always available.

So since the weather was pretty miserable I decided to revisit an old subject.


The setup was really lazy. There are two adjustable desk lamps on my desk with daylight fittings dropped down to the same level as the wrench to provide even cross-lighting and reduce hot-spots. The rest was up to my 40mm macro. I was curious to know what the minimum working distance could be so I kept dropping the tripod height until the focus maxed out at 4cm. My attention was drawn to the worm screw used to adjust the wrench.


I particularly liked this last image of the stamping on the handle. There is a graphic quality to it and the word suggests the image is faked in some way. The textures and tones in the metal are subtle and I kept them instead of going with black and white.