Looking at and listening to this week…

I follow artist/photographer Leanne Cole  and really enjoy reading about her approach and seeing how her work is developing. I commented on this blog post  earlier in the week, and that triggered a 30-year-old memory of the guy that really got me to consider photography as more than just taking photos.

This is the badly lit portrait I took of Henry back in 1982. You may be able to see a very young me in the reflection of his sunglasses. I knew next to nothing about him, about photography or life at the time but his influence saw me spending more time in the darkroom at the expense of my other subjects.

I came across this reference to Henry, an image he took with Louis Morley shortly before his death in 1999. It was sad and inspiring at the same time. The link includes a brief biography on Henry’s life.

I listen to photography podcasts and one of those is This Week In Photography. It’s aimed at aspiring professionals with a commercial bias but discusses at photography from various aspects including arts, ethics and law. It also has an interview segment and that’s how I came across a photographer called J.M. Giordano.



The themes in his portfolio of work are eclectic and demonstrate a healthy risk appetite and curiosity. I also like good black and white portraiture and while this is not mimicking Irving Penn, it certainly makes me think of that style. Minimal background with just a subject, it seems to have a timeless quality. It’s a look I want to emulate and explore at some point.