You, me and the Moonlight…

So everyone else is getting images of the super Moon and tonight I thought I would try something different. I would like to hear about and see what others have done so feel free to leave a comment.

I had an idea for a combined image using a busted light globe to frame the Moon. I thought I would try doing it in camera as well as using photoshop. The globe was pretty grotty and got a wash before photographing it against the late afternoon sky. I did a range of five exposures for some flexibility. I wanted to lose detail in the globe so I had a clean outline to work with.The globe is mounted in an old clamp that has a tripod socket. I don’t know if I will keep that in or not.


Before washing


Much better

I used the Star Walk app to work out where the Moon was rising and had to relocate my setup before it rose. My concern was getting the Moon, the light globe and the camera lined up for long enough to get the shots I wanted. I knew there was no way to have both the Moon and globe sharp in a single image so I played with different focus blurring the Moon or Globe to see what would happen. This was all done with manual exposure and focus. As it got darker I found it more difficult to work. In hindsight, I should have practiced the night before.

Some results

DSC_0084 - Version 2

I like the exposure on this and I may try a composite image with it as well.


Okay, I thought this was in focus… Hey I own my mistakes!

Next shot for use in the photoshop version was taken at 400mm and also using a five shot bracket.I would have preferred a lighter sky but then there would have been no detail in the Moon. Getting a clear shot when the Moon was lower and sky lighter wasn’t possible.


So now I have the elements for the composite I will play with the Moon’s position and size in photoshop and see what happens.