Small change(s) can make a difference.

Wordplay is not my strength but this will all make sense if you keep reading. I promise…

I was looking at a small red box sitting on my desk. It has been there for a while now and I occasionally move it out of the way to make room for other things but it remains nearby. Right now it has thirty cents in it. That’s because I put all my five and ten cent pieces in there and have been doing so for several years.


It started out as me  needing somewhere to put small change to avoid sucking it up off the floor with the vacuum cleaner. It became habit to put those small and annoying coins in the red box and at some point I was going to take it to the bank and deposit it like a piggy bank.

The folks at YGAP can make better use of this small change to help others, so this week my loving wife took the box down to the bank. Now I have an red box with thirty cents in it and a desire to beat the amount I donated this year.

Looking at that red box also made me think about the diced imagery project and what both had in common. That is they both encourage me to do something small on a regular basis with a goal in mind. Since starting the project, I’m taking more pictures than I have in over ten years. More importantly, I’m enjoying that process of seeing  through a lens again.

Never underestimate the power of small change.