Chilly Kyneton

I went to Kyneton and got some frosty photographs on Saturday…

Kyneton is around an hour drive from Melbourne and has good food and coffee, galleries and a remarkable second hand bookshop. My wife sells her work at a farmers market held in Piper St on the second Saturday of every month. I help her set up like I do at other outdoor markets and then I usually take a walk. That seemed a better alternative than sitting still as it was around -1 celsius and a thick frost covered everything!

The stall was set up next to Peter Ryan, a photographer based in Kyneton and he suggested taking the river walk that start in the Botanic gardens off Mollison St, so I set out around 8am. My first stop was the old mechanics institute. The colour balance on this image is quite cold but I was thinking about it as a black and white image so I did not use a warming filter or white balance adjustment. I did use a polariser to give the sky more punch.


The garden bed next to this building had some frost covered flowers and I spent some time taking a series that I may use to teach myself focus stacking at some point. This image was made with a 40mm macro lens at f22, 1/10th of a second. The working distance on the shot was only about 10 centimeters.


I got to the Gardens and passed through the gates and kept walking. I stopped when I saw the leaf litter was covered in frost which was just starting to melt.



For some reason I looked back and saw the frost on the backlit gates was catching the light. The background was very distracting and a longer lens would have been useful. Something to remember for next time.





Lesson- when you are looking around, always look back at where you have been.


There were a few backlit images that I recorded because while the light on the river was better, There was evidence of a clean up of vegetation on the banks that left them looking quite bare. Eventually I came upon this stand of trees.


It started to get more cloudy and I did make some more images but these were the ones I was happiest with and after 2 hours I thought it was time to get back. All in all it was a pretty good day and since I did not finish the river walk, I get to revisit all this next month providing the weather works out.