Where did April Go?

I have 3 new images up on 500px and they have been well received.

The countdown says just eight days left. I will need to dig deep this week to get my total images up from last month.

Here are my picks for the month.


There was an odd image in the roll of the Story cubes for this month. It looks like a spiked wheel and I had no real idea of how to interpret it. Perhaps that’s why it stuck in my head and popped out to say hi when I came across an old post with several generations of barbed wire wrapped around it. I liked the strong diagonal and that almost monochrome feel, apart from the rust.

I found a pine cone on the same walk and the red on top stood out. The cone was framed by fallen twigs that I decided to include. I’m counting it as a tree related image.

15 inch wrench study
This wrench is huge! Almost the length of my forearm. It was sitting on my desk after using it to fix a leaky tap and I decided to play with some off camera flash. This was my favourite image. I just like how the low angle lighting creates dark moody tones. I will refine this shot by using a more textured piece of wood as a background. I want to continue this theme of hand tools but actually get some hands in the shots. There is a local Men’s Shed that I need to contact first.

So, three images in the bag this month and there are now habits forming that I really like. I’m now looking with my photographer’s eyes for new locations and objects I can work with. That was one of the aims of the project and perhaps more important than a monthly score.