A minor setback

I’m pretty sure I have a broken nose. If not, it sure is bent.

There was a life lesson in this for me; never drop your guard, particularly during the routine things, like crossing the street. That’s what I did when a cyclist hit me yesterday morning on the way to work. I forgot to do that last check before stepping forward.

I’m kind of okay with the new look. To quote Billy Connelly I too have a head like a potato, so a bent nose will just add character. It will also remind me to pay more attention when doing the simple things.

That applies to my photography as well. I’m planning to overhaul my gear setup and capture process so I can focus on the images I’m making instead of what mode I’m in. There are accidents and there are happy accidents. I want to avoid the former and be ready to gain from the latter.

I hope I don’t need to break, bruise or scar anything else to learn…