You are here.


Always so reassuring to see that on a map. I'm sure ancient mariners felt the same way about those sea monsters that where so carefully and imaginatively drafted on their maps.

So why are you here? Perhaps you seek an explanation of what my diced imagery project is about?

Okay. Lets suppose you loved something and you got to do it all the time for like 20 years. You did it so much you fell out of love with it because there was nothing more you could add to the experience. So you stopped and turned away from it. Then over time, something felt missing.

That was me and photography. This project is a reconciliation after 10 years, triggered by a desire to make things.

I needed more than that. I knew I could make decent images but I was in a rut. There had to be something unpredictable, something that might force me to stretch myself.

Enter Rory's Story cubes…

Story Cubes

I read about and follow a lot of creative people online and story cubes kept coming up as a tool for writers to deal with writer's block. You roll them and make up a story from the results. There are nine six sided dice, so the combinations of images are huge. For the techies there's an app too.

I pulled the following list of subjects from the screen above.

Sad face- sadness, depression, loss
Fish- fins, seafood, water, fishing, ports, boats, fishermen, surfboards
Abacus- counting, numbers, money, bankers, stock exchange
Magnet- magnetism, attraction, repulsion, compass, maps
Sleeping, resting, exhaustion, impressive bedrooms
Plane- airports, tourists, luggage, hotels, departures
Tree- wood, leaves, bark, branches, forests, nature
Cane- infirmity, disability, recovery, disabled athletes, wheelchair rugby, murderball
Turtle- shells, shyness, armour, organic patterns and structures of shells

The goal is to use as many of these to make as many pictures as I can before the end of February. Then I re-roll for March and repeat, comparing and trying to outdo previous scores. As an added incentive the images will be posted to 500px as I go to see what they like and don't like. I will also post updates to Twitter and Tumblr so people can watch me pass or fail.

That's the plan. If you read this and would like to keep me honest, let me know you are watching.