Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

My break and the assault on my reading pile continues. I am half way through reading “This is a call: the life and times of Dave Grohl“and am beginning to see what really made Nirvana tick.

Here is a set of images by Hanne van der Woude, another by Dorota Górecka and a third by Frank W. Ockenfels 3

Listening to Dave Grohl (of course!)


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I’m having a welcome break and the reading pile is helping to get me reoriented with content that isn’t academic. I started reading “This is a call: the life and times of Dave Grohl” and have found it both a good biography and history of the US punk and Grunge music scene.

Folios by Aga Bierko & Jakub Karwowski. Both are from Poland but other than that their styles are completely different.

Listening to The Brothers Bright. A little darker than what I normally share but there are such powerful stories in the lyrics. No it is not punk or grunge. In fact I don’t know if there is a genre fit. Perhaps “Gothic Bluegrass”?

Refresh and recharge

It occurs to me that just as a kite can’t fly without some wind, I have been lacking something lately that I can work with to produce images.

I suspect it is opportunity. By that I don’t mean the “always carry a camera” opportunity, rather this is something more deliberate, where I am in the place I want to be and with the mindset I need to create.

Making opportunities is now a more realistic goal than when I was studying so that will be my focus this week. It is all about finding doors to open.


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I’m finding it difficult to having so many choices about what to do with my time, not so much in terms of waking up and not knowing what I will do but the bigger picture. I know, it’s a good problem to have but at the same time I’m annoyed I did not put more thought into setting some new goals post study. I thought I already had it sorted out but it seems like I’m lacking a clear sense of purpose and commitment at present.

I looked at several portfolios over the last week that left me a little cold. The images were well-lit but processed to within an inch of their life and very clinical. I’m not saying you shouldn’t post process but don’t expect it to save an image that otherwise has nothing to say.

I do enjoy looking at finalists for the National photographic portrait prize, each year. Peter Brew-Bevan  was a standout in 2014 and this year I liked this image by Adrian Connelly

Listening to Civil Twilight

Cleaning and culling

Cleaning and culling

Neglecting to keep on top of the more routine housekeeping routines has consequences. There is physical and mental clutter that has piled up while I was studying, with the best of intentions to read or deal with it later when I was done. Well I’m done now and this week I started confronting the various piles of “stuff” to free me up for other things.

On the list is an image cull which was something I had previously done to recoup some space on my hard drive but now is focused on being more selective about what I want to hold on to. I also decided to challenge the notion that a photographer can never have too many camera bags, finally putting 2 of my old LowePro bags out for collection.

The main task was finding a place to put away the darkroom gear and during that task I discovered a hidden cache of tools in a drawer I had not opened for 5 years. These were favourites for small jobs so it was a fond reunion. Thinking about that I wondered if there were images lurking about that would evoke similar feelings. To reinforce that another discovery was a collection of Kodachromes slides from my trip to Japan over 30 years ago. I know I have negatives and prints going back decades and perhaps it is time to invest a film scanner so I can start working through them.

At least I am getting my cobwebs under control…