The last thirty hours have been some of the most difficult I have been through, my world has shrunk.

Yesterday I lost my sister in law Margaret to cancer. I’m sad, angry and tired.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

It’s beginning to feel like there is not longer room for shades of gray. Pick a side, the more extreme and intractable the better. All that matters is you are right and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong. Rational debate is dead.

Perhaps even that is an extreme point of view but at least I’m willing to listen and change…

Looking at work by Matt Marrash

Listening to Christine and the Queens

Dark ascent

Dark ascent

Remember the hill? This is one time I could not make it up last week… I had to stop and walk with frequent breaks so I got the phone out.

Judging by how dark this image is I need a better headlight on the bike but it gave me an idea to light paint the path, something I can continue to work on and improve.

In my defence I am ill (though I did not realise it at the time) and under orders to rest, the timing of which annoys me no end.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Events over the last week have reminded me that nothing is impossible, no matter how seemingly unlikely it seems and that any plans to travel to Europe may be more complicated. I only hope the underlying tensions in the United Kingdom start to subside quickly. I deal with enough politics as it is so there will be no more mentioned here…

Time for some fine art photography from Mary Anne Mitchell The work has this old world feeling to it, with a hint of surreal, which seems in keeping with recent events.

Listening to the Moon Loungers doing 80’s covers with some really clever acoustic arrangements and harmonies. I like to retreat into nostalgia… It’s like a nice cup of hot chocolate and an open fire on a winter’s day.


Walking the dog

Walking the dog

We try and get a daily walk in, taking different routes around the neighbourhood and Bohdi has responded well but is still learning how to act around other dogs. He is not aggressive but does not really know his own strength and the play biting behaviour might be mistaken as aggression by someone that did not know better.

One of the upsides is when the light and the weather are good there are always opportunities to make some images but holding still is not one of Bohdi’s skills yet, so they tend to be things we encounter along the way.


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Work is being a vampire at present, sucking away at my energy. I may need some Garlic and a wooden stake.

Needless to say I have not had much time to myself but I managed this grab of Parliament House Melbourne lit up like a rainbow in tribute to 49 people on another continent. Thinking about Orlando puts my problems in perspective.

What’s really needed is an abundance of daylight to banish the darkness. Violence and fear is not an option.

Listening to Alicia Keys

The hill

The hill

A few months back I started riding a bicycle to the train station and back each day. One part of the route I can’t avoid on the route is the steep descent into the valley. Physically it’s downhill so no effort but mentally quite demanding. I rise early and it’s dark and all I have is a tiny light to show me what’s ahead. There have been a few near misses with Foxes, Possums, spider webs and fallen branches. You have to concentrate and draw from limited information to make progress. Downhill is challenging but achievable.

The way home is uphill and for the first few weeks I had to dismount and walk. I was convinced this would be normal, after all, I’m no athlete and I’m getting older.

But then I tried.

I failed.

The next day I tried again, got further but failed.

The day after I tried again and got halfway before I could go no further.

Fast forward two weeks…

One rainy afternoon I made it, exhausted to the top of the hill. I had no energy to appreciate the achievement. I needed to keep going to get out of the rain.

To paraphrase Ian Fleming “Once is odd, twice  is a coincidence and three times is a pattern” The climb up that hill has become a pattern most days of the week. so has the descent.