Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

For the record, I hate crowds and crowded spaces but I made a point of getting up at 3am to attend the ANZAC dawn service today. I can’t recall ever seeing so many people so early in the morning. It was such an uplifting feeling, tempered by the loss of so many loved ones.

Those who returned home from Anzac Cove are gone; they were people I knew personally, family and friends and now that direct connection is broken. They were deserving of the recognition and respect shown by so many today standing silently in the rain as the bugle sounded.

I wonder why it is that the worst of times bring out the best in people?

Walking back down from the Shrine of Remembrance, among that throng of people, I saw many small plaques dedicated to the battalions that served but the one featured above stood out. The thank you note reads;

Reginald Hutchinson (2583) 21st Battalion

Through your effort we have an enjoyable life.

Les, Kerry, Robert, Jenny, Peter, Nieva, Andrew, Amanda & Kirsty.

That one life touched so many, including mine today, is special and worth remembering.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

To celebrate the last essay going in on Friday, I went to the National Gallery of Victoria on the weekend. They are hosting the Golden age of China, a selection of artefacts from the imperial palace. The age and nature of this material meant photography was prohibited but I can only suggest that you go see this if it is ever shown where you are. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Another exhibit across the road at Ian Potter has a different take on craftsmanship in the form of automotive industrial design . Shifting gear is all about cars and shows we could design ad build world class vehicles. Sadly we won’t be building them much longer.

I also picked up a copy of the photographers playbook. It has some good content for stimulating creativity.

For this week I have a folio from someone who learnt the trade under Avedon. Sebastian Kim

Listening to Velvet Revolver

A somewhat random post

A somewhat random post

One assessment done, two to go. Feeling kind of drained today, so I have been pottering around, tidying up piles of accumulated stuff and generally mucking about.

I did mention expecting a small parcel last week. It contained a rather simple piece of engineering that allows me to attach an enlarger lens to my camera. Fitting older lenses to modern cameras has become a bit of a thing, a spin-off of the hipster, retro, Holga users movement. Having kept most of my old lenses and collected a few more over the years, I thought it may be interesting to put some to work. I also used to use enlarger lenses for macro work as they are pretty sharp and designed to work at close distances.

There is a bit of effort required as exposure and focus is manual and there is math in working out compensation for extension tubes and the like but unlike the film days I can delete the failures and move on.

I’m thinking this retro approach could form part of the current machines and technology theme.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Just seven weeks of uni to go. There is a bit of work to do this week but I broke the back of my last essay over the weekend, so the Friday deadline is not worrying me too much. I also got something in the post that I hope I will have time to play with on the weekend.

Folio pick this week courtesy of Yossi Loloi I like the tonal range in the black and white portraits. The image of the man with the beard (No8) is a firm favourite.


Listening to Zee Avi 

When the river runs dry

When the river runs dry

It feels strange to stand in the middle of a river, having become accustomed to seeing it full. The big rains did not come. It has been a while since they did.


The stones of the river bed become islands, with Autumn providing some semblance of foliage.


That which lives off the river adapts. Plants spread down to the river bed while birds forage within the remaining pools of water.


The water hid things from view that are now exposed.

The rain will come though; it is only a question of when.


Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Spent the week drafting a paper with little to show for that effort, My motivation is sorely lacking and I’m feeling divided about that along a do something versus do nothing line in the sand. Maybe it’s the approaching winter or having spent the Easter break in front of a screen but this lethargy needs to be dealt with.

Fortunately, that is not your problem good reader…

This week I have one folio of work Stefan Rappo Yep, more portraits.

Listening to a new podcast featuring Henry Rollins… ( I did mention I had more diverse and darker tastes). This is such an odd pairing and hearing Henry laugh is still something I’m getting used to. I have seen him live and he is a great speaker. Heidi is a complete contrast and the two have this chemistry.

The clip is audio only and includes ads but give it five minutes.

2015 new project themes – Machines

2015 new project themes – Machines

I have several ideas around this theme but they are not fully formed. One is industrial and I would be looking at large machines, the another is micro and involves dismantling broken pieces of electronics or other equipment and exploring the insides. The last one is some kind of merging of nature and machine and it’s the one that I’m having difficulty visualising the images I want and how they can be produced. I’m thinking of a classical still life approach in terms of lighting and mood but beyond that I’m still a little stuck.

Getting unstuck is part of creativity that I hate during the process but get pleasure from afterwards…