Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

As children, we knew playing footy in the backyard came with inherent risks like balls going over the fence but we did it anyway, in the hope the balls were thrown back over the fence by a kind neighbour. Then we grew up and risks became things we thought about more seriously.

Looking at Joel Meyerowitz after seeing this lecture

Listening to Jamiroquai, Fatboy Slim and Moby because my foot just wants to tap sometimes…



Great photographers have to have three things. They have to have heart if they’re going to photograph people. They have to have an eye, obviously, to be able to compose. And they have to have a brain to think about what they’re shooting. Too many photographers have two of the three attributes, but not the third.”

John G Morris 1917-2017

Looking and listening this week

I feel pretty trashed with so much competing for my attention right now. I think I preferred studying as it was easier to defend my time and rationalise saying no to things…

Looked at Jérôme Courenq

Listening to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park and thinking about what might have been. I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Bladerunner

“The light the burns twice as bright burns half as long – and you have burned so very brighly”