Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

Small breaks in routine are a mercy. A walk, a game, a good book or stimulating conversation all help to reset the brain for the challenges of a working week.

With that in mind I deliberately did not browse the interwebs looking at other photographers. It felt almost as good as when I stopped looking a Twitter a few months back ( a decision I have yet to regret).

Instead I caught up on other things.

Listening to Robert Plant




There is a lot to be said for building from a foundation of strength and knowledge (and using a reflector to lighten deep shadows and balance you exposure without resorting to HDR). It can be tricky to get exposure right on something this contrasty so using manual mode is a must.

Same image without the reflector just exposed for the highlights. I actually don’t mind this as there is still a hint of detail in the shadow and the diagonal line from the middle to bottom left is stronger but all that black makes it look top heavy to me. I could work if the image was square though.

DSC_0030 (1)

Not sure who said it originally but the skills that make a good photographer require regular exercise, not just to maintain them but for any extension of ability. Ultimately it gives you creative choices and control.

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

A long time ago I made a decision to go to Japan instead of Canada, It was a difficult choice as both countries have interested me over the years. Since I’m not going to be travelling in the immediate future. I will settle for a more vicarious experience of all things Canada this week.

Unfortunately I do not have an image that screams Canada so this red leaf will need to do…

Looked at Canadian photographers Farah Nosh, Douglas Kirkland and Yuri Dojc

Listening to another Canadian Serena Ryder 

Not so missing links

Not so missing links

Having deep thoughts about the role of chains in life. I worked out I can link where I am now back to where I was five, ten, thirty years ago through a chain of events. It’s much like what Steve Jobs said here about connecting dots;


Then I was thinking about the function of those chains. Is the strength of those links to past events holding me in place like an anchor? Alternatively, is the inherent strength something I use to get to the next link, building a longer and stronger chain in the process?

The fundamental question from all this is, am I pushing on or be pulled by the chain?

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

= It has been week of changes; Now the weather is improving and daylight savings has begun, I decided to start getting up at 4:30am. I prefer to avoid busy places and times so this works for me provided I sleep okay.

Looked at Sandro Baebler and Bastiaan Wouldt

Listening to David Gilmour. Whatever happened to epic guitar solos? (No, really, where did they go?)

Looking and listening this week

Looking and listening this week

I like finishing things or perhaps I dislike leaving things unfinished more. I’m not sure which… I do know that lately I have been able to call some things finished and it was satisfying.

Looking at Celine Chuon and Hedi Slimane

Listening to new music from Gary Numan. Devotees of synthesiser music will know the name and recall Tubeway Army with nostalgic fondness along with similar bands like Art of Noise, Kraftwerk or OMD. Garry’s new stuff reminds me of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails… There is an intensity and darkness to it.